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Full Service Provided By The City

(electric, water/sewer, & garbage)

Deposit with an approved Letter of Credit                 $150.00

Deposit without a Letter of Credit                             $300.00

Electric and Garbage Services Only

Deposit with an approved Letter of Credit                 $130.00

Deposit without a Letter of Credit                              $260.00

Water/Sewer and Garbage Services Only

Deposit with an approved Letter of Credit                 $100.00

Deposit without a Letter or Credit                            $200.00

                               Garbage Service Only                $60.00

To establish utilities with the City of Hampton you must appear in person at City Hall with a valid ID. Once the utility application is approved, your presence is required when the services are connected. Please click here for a copy of the Utility Application.

A mandatory deposit is required on all accounts.  If you provide a letter of credit from a utility company (i. e. water, gas, electric, cable, internet, phone, or cellular phone) the deposit may be reduced according to the above breakdown.  The letter of credit must be presented at the time of application for service.  The customer must have had 6 months continuous utility service within the last 12 months and have had no more than 2 late payments, no collection charges, no cut-offs, and no returned (NSF) checks within the applicable period.  The letter of credit must show the same name as the person requesting service from the City.  If a check used as the deposit is returned for any reason, service will be disconnected immediately upon receipt of the returned check. To reconnect service, full deposit payment, in cash or by cashier’s check, must be made plus a $28.00 NSF fee plus a $25.00 disconnect and a $ 25.00 reconnect fee. Utility deposits will be refundable after 12 months of good payment history at customers request via submission of deposit application form. This refund will be applied to the account as a payment.  With one exception, garbage deposits will be returned once customer has booked out with a zero balance due. A customer wishing to close an account may request a refund of any remaining deposit provided the customer is in good standing at the time the account is closed.  “Good standing” means that the City is given notice by the customer of their intent to close the


account, all accrued charges have been paid, all property of the City related to the utility has been returned, and no damage to City utility property has been made.

Utility bills are mailed on the 15th of every month.  Bills not paid by the 4th of the month will be assessed an additional charge of 10% of the bill on the morning of the 5th. If the 4th falls on a weekend or holiday, the late fee will be applied the morning of the next business day.

Bills not paid by the close of business on the 9th day of month will be considered delinquent and service will be immediately disconnected. If the 9th falls on a weekend or holiday, the utilities will be disconnected on the next business day.

In addition to the utility bill a $25.00 disconnect fee and a $25.00 reconnect fee is charged.

Service will not be reconnected until the delinquent bill, the disconnect fee, and the reconnect fees are paid in full.

No disconnects or reconnects will be done after normal business hours.

For your convenience, The City of Hampton has a drop box located at the drive thru window to place your utility payments. Payments made this way should be placed in an envelope with account number and/or name of the person on the account. Do not place cash in the drop box.

The City accepts Visa/Master Card with logo, when paying by credit card the card holder must show a valid ID, unless the name is the same name as appears on the utility account. When using a credit card and/or debit card in person you will be charged an administrative fee of $3.00 (subject to change).

Online payments are also accepted on our website ( there will be a fee of 4% of your bill total (subject to change).

If the 4th of the month falls on a weekend/holiday the 10% late fee will be added the next business day. The same applies for the 10th of the month for disconnects.

Contact The City of Hampton utilities billing department during normal working hours concerning disputed bills or charges as well as any outages.

There is a $10.00 upfront charge to re-read your electric and water meter.  If the reading is incorrect due to city error, the charge will be refunded within 30 days.


  1. Proof of ownership- deed, lease, or rental agreement
  2. Official Photo ID- Drivers License/Passport
  3. Complete Application for services (City can provide or can be printed by clicking here)
  4. Deposit upon submission of application
  5. Letter of Credit from any previous utility company (i. e. water, gas, electric, cable, internet, phone, or cellular phone–Names must match applicant) Must be 6 months of continuous service within the past 12 months. If the letter of Credit is approved, the deposit will be the lesser of the amounts. Letter of Credit is not mandatory. 
  6. For same day service, customer must be at City Hall by 1:00 pm. Otherwise, it will be the next business day.


All garbage pick up, regular household garbage and bulk items, will be done on Friday.  The citizens are asked to call City Hall (770-946-4306), if they have bulk items to be picked up.  Bulk items include: chairs, couches, mattresses, washing machines, dryers, etc. The call must be made to City Hall no later than Thursday before closing time (4:00 PM) of the week it needs to be picked up. (see attached Resolution 06-19).  NO CALL IS NEEDED FOR REGULAR HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE.  Pick up for yard debris will be East side of City on Monday and West side on Tuesday. Limbs are to be NO longer than 4ft in length, NO wider than 4 inches in diameter. Any loose debris (grass, leaves etc.) are to be put in Bio-Degradable bags, if not it will NOT be picked up.


If you experience a power outage or massive water leak during normal working hours contact City Hall at 770-946-4306.

If you experience a power outage or massive water leak during non-business hours call the City’s dispatcher 911.


******** Important Laws for Residents *********

The City Council has adopted the legislation below to benefit the health, safety, and welfare of the Citizens of Hampton.

$15.00 Charge for bulk garbage pick-up (Resolution 06-19)

Effective January 1, 2007 the City will start charging a fee of $15.00 per pickup on each garbage customer who places bulk waste at their curbside for collection by the City.  You should continue to call the City for bulk pick-up.  The fee will be added to your utility bill the following month.  Bulk waste is defined as all large wooden, plastic or composite household items that are not capable of being placed inside a 95 gallon container.  Examples of bulk waste items include, but are limited to, furniture, mattresses and such.  The maximum amount of bulk waste to be collected weekly shall be four cubic yards or the equivalent of a regular size truck bed.  This fee is necessary due to the volume and expense of bulk pick-up.

Garbage Collection (Ordinance 45-C)

By 6:30 a.m. on the scheduled day of collection, customers should place their containers at curbside in front of the customer’s residence.  In no circumstance shall customers place their containers at curbside sooner than 24 hours prior to their scheduled pick-up.  Containers should be placed approximately four feet from the edge of the roadway, but not so as to pose a physical or visual obstruction to motorist or passerby.  Containers shall not be placed in such a way as to block streets, sidewalks, driveway, or mailboxes.  All containers shall be removed from the curbside no later than 24 hours after collection. 

Amendment to the Nuisance Ordinance (Ordinance 257)

The council recently passed a new guidelines concerning animal sanitation.  A summary of the new guidelines are as follows: Any person who owns, or is in charge of any animal shall immediately remove any waste deposited by the animal other than on their own personal property.  It shall be the duty of the person having control of the animal in their possession to have a means for picking up and removal of animal waste.  The provisions shall not apply when in police or rescue activities.

Thank you for helping keep Hampton clean and beautiful.


Helping To Explain Your Utility Bill

The following information is provided to help you understand the utility services bill which you receive monthly from the City of Hampton.

The total amount you are billed can be understood by the following explanations of each line item on your bill. (Your bill may not contain each example.)

Electricity: Is stated in kilowatts (kW) used from the beginning to end of the billing period. This is followed by total kilowatts used, and the number of days billed.

Water: Includes the beginning and end meter reading for the billing period in gallons. These columns are followed by total gallons used, the days billed, and, the average daily water use in gallons.

Sewer: Equal to 100% of the water bill and will be the same amount as your water usage.

Garbage: The garbage bill is shown in the last column at $ 11.60 per home.

Water Base Rate: The base water rate per household is currently $ 9.25 per month. This is the minimum charge for availability of water service.

Sewer Base Rate: The base sewer rate per household is currently $ 9.25 per month for the availability of sewer service.

Sewer Debt Relief:  A $ 3.50 per thousand gallons used is currently charged for debt retirement of the City’s new Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Sales Tax: Applied to the Electrical use only.

Other charges that may appear on your bill is a $ 5.00 charge if  you add a garbage container, a $ 15.00 charge for each bulk pick up, should you request it, and a $ 5.00,           $ 10.00, and $ 15.00 charge if you have a private security light.


Last revised on: 07/26/2013