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Chief of Police



Chief Rad Porter, a third generation law enforcement veteran, began his career September 1, 1975. He began in his hometown serving the Thomaston Ga. Police Department for seven years as Sergeant and Patrolman. He subsequently advanced to the larger Henry County Police and Sheriffs Department serving three years among the Uniform Patrol, Traffic Unit, Jail Operations, and Warrant Division. Chief Porter then continued his service moving to Clayton County Police Department and for the next eleven years served among the Senior Uniformed Officer Patrol, Honor Guard, Traffic Unit, Motorcycle Squad, and Special Tactical Units for high profile assignments. Chief Porter continued his service joining Hampton Police Department February 11, 1996.

From his service among all departments, Chief Porter has held numerous positions including Acting Chief of Hampton, Senior Sergeant, Shift Commander, Senior Field and Training Officer, and Liaison between uniform officers and Senior Command. For outstanding service Chief Porter has received various commendations for high- risk service, public service awards, and several letters of recognition by fellow law enforcement and civilians alike. His training includes that from the Georgia Police Academy, Georgia Public Safety Training Institute, Gordon College, University of Georgia, and Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police.

Chief Porter is an active member of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, National Assocation of Chiefs of Police and International Assocaition of Chiefs of Police.

Chief Porter and his wife of 31 years are the parents of 5 children and have 7 grandchildren. Chief Porter enjoys his spare time camping, fishing and spending time with grandchildren.


Administrative Division

Kim Stephens has been with the City of Hampton since 1988. She heads up the Administrative Division of the Hampton Police Department. In her capacity, Ms. Stephens handles the processing of all police related paperwork. Ms. Stephens is also a certified Court Clerk and serves as Chief Clerk for Hampton Municipal Court.

Stacy Corley has been with the City of Hampton since January 2001 and has been in law enforcement for 17 years. Stacy provides basic administrative duties for the Police Department and Court. Stacy is also responsible for customer service.


Officer Division


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Hampton Police Department to ensure that all our citizens are served in a professional, ethical and equitable manner.

The Hampton Police Department promotes the ideals of partnering with all law enforcement, social services and the public.

The Hampton Police Department aspires to increase the levels of police professionalism, improve the level of training and enhance education credentials for all members of the agency.

Captain-  [email protected]

Captain Derrick Austin began his law enforcement career in 1993. He worked for the Henry County Police Department from 1993-1996 and the Locust Grove Police Department from 1996-1999. In 1999, Austin joined the Hampton Police Department where he is currently assigned as the Uniform Patrol Commander. He has worked on the Uniform Patrol Units as well as Criminal Investigations Unit. Austin is a certified Field Training Officer, and Marijuana Identification Certified from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. Captain Austin is a graduate from Henry County High School Class of 1989, continuing his education at Abraham Baldwin College with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. Austin is also an accomplished pilot.

Criminal Investigations Division

This department is responsible for criminal investigations and crime scene processing.

Investigator A. Lara

Investigator A. Sparks



This department has two agents assigned to the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force.

Agent J. Pirtle

Agent J. Hay

Uniform Patrol Division

Lieutenant J.L. Walker

Sergeant R.L. Barnes

Sergeant H.A. Stephens

Sergeant B. Mims

Segeant J. Floyd

Officer R.C. Milby

Officer P.E. Hayes

Officer L. King

Officer  S. Brady

Officer T. Robertson

Officer J. Turner

Officer W. Pyron

Officer M. Stroud

Reserve Officer T. Hawkins

Reserve Officer B. Lasiter

Reserve Officer J. Chapman